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Dr. Jin Y. Kim's Publications


I. Original Peer-Reviewed Articles


Kim J.Y.                      The Implant Surgical Guide: Practical and Innovative Designs and Approaches

                                      Dental Implantology Update, October 2009, 20(10): 73-80


Kim J.Y.                      Implant Positioning Guide and the Stent

                                      Dental Implantology Update, August 2009, 20(8): 57-64


Kim J.Y.                      Minimally Invasive Sinus Elevation (MISE): Is it really possible?

                                      Dental Implantology Update, September 2008, 19(9): 65-72


Kim J.Y.                      One-Stage Surgery and Immediate Provisionalization

                                     Achieving Optimal Soft and Hard Tissue Form.

                                     Practical Proc & Aesthetic Dent Nov/Dec 2006, 18

                                     Biohorizons Monograph pp. 14-17


Lee Y.M., Shin S. Y., Kim J.Y. et al

                                     Bone Reaction to Bovine Hydroxyapatite for Maxillary Sinus Floor

                                     Augmentation: Histologic Results in Humans.

                                     Int J Periodontics Restorative Dent, 2006, 26: 471-481


Kim J.Y., D.A. Anson and R.A. Horowitz

                                     The Resurrection of Calcium Sulfate: A Potent Regeneration Enhancer

                                     Dental Success, December 2005, 1490-1494 (in Korean)


Kim J.Y.                     Preserving and Maintaining Optimal Peri-Implant Soft-Tissue

                                    Complex for Function and Aesthetics

                                    Dental Implantology Update, September 2004, 15(9): 65-72


Lee Y.M. Kim J.Y. et al

                                   A 3-year Longitudinal Evaluation of Subpedicle Free Connective     

                                   Tissue Graft for Gingival Recession Coverage

                                   Journal of Periodontology, December 2002, 73(12):1412-1426


Kim J.Y., and J.U.Lee

                                  Systemic Health Status of Ambulatory Patients in an Urban Private

                                  Periodontal Practice

                                  Annals of Periodontology, December 2001 6(1):221



II. Books and Book Chapters



Kim J.Y.,  Ri Joo, & Hoon J. Lee

                               'Practical Implant Dentistry'

                                A popular textbook written by Arun K. Garg, DMD

                                Translated into Korean Language

                                Narae Publishing, Seoul Korea, July 2005




Kim J.Y.

                              Chapter entitled, 'The Lifecore Implant System'

                               in 'Clinical Cases in Implant Dentistry'

                               Myung Rae Kim, Editor

                               Jung Won Sa, Seoul Korea, October 2005

                              (in Korean)



III. Abstracts



Kim J.Y., and T. K. Lee.       'Evaluation of a New and Novel Surgical Technique for Sinus Lift


                                                AstraTech World Congress

                                                Washington DC, June 2008


Ordonez A., Rojas B., Kim J.Y., Kimsey R., and F. Briceno.

                                                Dome Shaped Resorbable Membranes for Internal Sinus Elevation:

                                                2 years later.

                                                22nd Annual Meeting, Academy of Osseointegration (AO)

                                                San Antonio, Texas, March 2007


Klokkevold P.R., Redd M., Salamati A., Kim J.Y., and R. Nishimura.

The Effect of Chitosan on Guided Bone Regeneration: A Pilot Study in the


Proceedings of the 7th International Conference of Chitin and Chitosan,

Leon, France, September 1997.


Klokkevold P.R., Danovitch G.M., Kendrick E., Kim J.Y., Yashar A., Salamati A., Matinfar F., and A. Wilkinson.

                                                The Role of Oral Hygiene in Cyclosporin induced Gingival Overgrowth.

Poster presentation at American Society of Nephrology,

San Antonio, Texas, October 1997


Kim J.Y., and K.A. Atchison.

                                                Relationship of Self-reported Oral Health Status Measure to Periodontal

Conditions in a Minority Sample. Journal of Dental Research, 76 (IADR

Abstracts): 351, 1997


Kim J.Y., Atchison K.A., and R.A. Lindemann.

                                                Periodontal Health Status of a Minority Sample in Los Angeles.

Journal of Dental Research, 75(SI):100, 1996


Kim J.Y., and K.A. Atchison.

                                                Oral Health Status and Dental Service Utilization of an Older Korean

Population Sample in Los Angeles. 58th Annual Session of the American

Association of Public Health Dentistry, Las Vegas, Nevada, October 1995.


Kim J.Y., Atchison K.A., Mattias R.E., and J.E. Lubben.

Comparing Dental Health and Utilization of an Older Matched Sample.

Journal of Dental Research, 73(SI):141, 1994


IV. Theses



Kim J.Y. The Effect of Chitosan and Hyaluronic Acid in Guided Bone Regeneration

Around Titanium Implants in an in vivo Animal Model.

In preparation for Master of Science in Oral Biology degree.

University of California, Los Angeles, 2001


Kim J.Y. A Study of the Cell Cycle in Relation to DNA Transfection.

Submitted as a fulfillment of Bachelor of Science in Dentistry

(Honours-Class II) degree requirement.

University of Sydney, Australia, May 1988.



V. Articles (Non-Peer Reviewed)



Kim J.Y.                                Dr. Kim’s Dental Column.

                                               Town News, Biweekly column on oral health issues in local

Korean-American newspaper, Los Angeles, California

October 1998 ? May 2001 (in Korean)


Kim J.Y.                                Unsolved Issues in the U.S. Health Care Reform Movement.

Korea Times, daily newspaper for the

Northern California Korean-American Community,

San Francisco, California, November 6, 1993 (in Korean)


Kim J.Y.                                Problems in the Health Care Delivery at Seoul Detention Center.

Mingahyup Newsletter, Seoul, Korea February 1990 (in Korean)


Kim J.Y.                                Managing Pediatric Patients for Dental Care

                                                Ilsin Hwe-bo (Newsletter of Ilsin Hospital), Busan, Korea July 1989

(in Korean)



VI. Continuing Dental Education Courses on the Internet



Kim J.Y. & E.B. Kenney

Management of Hypertension in Clinical Dentistry



Hunt D, Kim J.Y. & M.G. Newman

                                                Antibiotic Therapy in Clinical Periodontics